Mars Investigations 8: Reader survey
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Mars Investigations 8: Reader survey

Screenshot from Veronica Mars S1E7. Weevil is sitting in a classroom. He's holding a pencil in his left hand and his hand is resting on a paper on his desk. His right hand is on his forehead and his head is tilted up and he's looking at a desk in the row next to him. He's surrounded by other students taking the test at their own desks.
Weevil is thinking about submitting his reader survey

We're doing something a little different this week. I've been laid up with some back pain and although I'm feeling a lot better now, I wasn't able to work on this week's newsletter in time to get it out. But I didn't want to miss a week altogether so I thought I'd conduct a reader survey.

The survey has some fun questions about your experience of Veronica Mars season one so far. I'll share the results and trends in an upcoming issue. There's also some space at the end for you to give me feedback on the newsletter itself. I look forward to hearing all your thoughts and feelings!

As always, you can get in touch with me by replying to this email or by contacting me at

A screenshot of the top of the Mars Investigations reader poll. There are two images side by side, one is a screenshot of Wallace taped to the flagpole with "SNICH" painted on his chest. The other one is a screenshot of Veronica cutting Wallace down. The subtitle on the first image says "You're new here, huh?" and the subtitle on the second image is "Welcome to Neptune High."